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Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


* I have no affiliation with any of these companies, I just like their products.
<![CDATA[When Mold Takes Hold]]>Sun, 19 Nov 2023 05:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/when-mold-takes-holdPicture
  • Living in the desert, we don’t have a lot of mold. But, I learned this morning about the mold in our camper. I knew we had a leak and I knew we had some water damage but I thought it had dried out. Well, this explains why my nose goes crazy whenever we go on a trip. I thought it was just the dryness and the higher altitudes we generally visit.

So, what’s the homeopathic answer?

Nat sulph.

In terms of allergies, the keynote symptoms of Natrum sulphuricum:

  • Symptoms are worsened in the damp weather
  • There is copious expectoration, which may be greenish in color
  • Thick nasal discharge
  • Tenacious throat mucus
  • There may be a desire to take deep breaths,  but breathing may be difficult.
  • Typical hay fever symptoms
  • Loose cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Dry mouth

With  all these symptoms, the person may feel better in outside open air.

I used Nat sulph 6x to very good effect many years ago when we were in a rental house which we did not know was full of mold behind some big, thick curtains in the bedroom. I thought I was coming down with a nasty bug. Then, I went outside and lo’ and behold I felt much better. Next morning, I thought I was getting sick again. Same thing, went outside and was instantly well. Then we found the mold. Then I took the Nat sulph and managed the rest of the trip just fine.

Nat sulph is one answer to dealing with acute symptoms resulting from mold. If you find you are unable to address your mold symptoms on your own, it may be that you need to work with a professional homeopath to get to the root of the problem.

As we head into winter, if you are suffering in the damp and cold, think of homeopathic Nat sulph.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


<![CDATA[Honoring Those Who Served]]>Sun, 12 Nov 2023 05:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/honoring-those-who-served
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 1918, fighting officially stopped after Germany signed an armistice agreement with Allies earlier in the day. In the US, Armistice Day was first commemorated one year later and was re-dedicated as Veteran’s Day in 1954. 

Also known as Poppy Day or Remembrance Day… Whatever you want to call it, it is a day to remember and thank those who have served their country.

Many who have served in the military carry heavy burdens. Homeopathy can help lift that emotional weight.

Homeopathic Ignatia along with Coffea cruda is the Banerji first line protocol for mental shock, both immediate and in the past.

Ignatia for:
  • anxiety
  • changeable moods
  • depression
  • despair
  • grief
  • indifference and apathy
  • introspective and absorbed
  • quarrelsome
  • sadness
  • startles easily
  • taciturn, uncommunicative
  • weeping

Coffea for:
  • agitation
  • anger
  • fears, especially of death
  • anxiety and dread
  • restlessness
  • off in daydreams
  • weeping
  • sleeplessness

Take both Ignatia 200c & Coffea 200c twice daily.

These remedies can be used to good effect for the soldier as well as their loved ones who help to carry these heavy burdens.

A deep heart felt thank you from me to you.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[Anesthesia]]>Sun, 05 Nov 2023 05:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/anesthesia
I read an article this week… Anesthesia: The Lesser-Known Side Effect That Could be Mind-Altering that got me thinking a little bit about how homeopathy can help in these situations.

Surgery is serious stuff. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it. That only means that you should not enter the decision to have elective surgery lightly.

The article begins:
“If you’re over 65, there’s a significant risk you will wake up from surgery as a slightly different person. Studies indicate at least a quarter and possibly up to half of this population suffer from postoperative delirium — a serious medical condition that causes sudden changes in thinking and behavior.”


I’ve written a little about recovery from surgery before.

Another homeopathic possibility to help with the recovery from anesthesia is Phosphorus.

What would be some indications for Phosphorus following surgery?

  • Nausea or vomiting as a result of the anesthesia
  • Headaches and spaciness
  • Weakness
  • Disorientation
  • Stupor
  • The person may be thirsty but often vomits after drinking
  • To help stop bleeding. (Hopefully the professionals took care of this before closing everything up!😳 However, this is a common symptom following dental procedures.)

There are other homeopathic remedies for ailments from anesthesia, some of which may be better indicated than Nux vomica or Phosphorus, depending on your circumstances.

If you are considering going under the knife for any reason, book a focused consultation and together we will come up with a nice collection of remedies tailored to your specific pre and post surgery needs. 

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[The Bee's Knees]]>Sun, 29 Oct 2023 03:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/the-bees-knees
Is it just me or is everybody noticing the incredible number of new knees being handed out? I know 89 year olds getting new knees and I know people in their early 50s getting new knees. New knees are everywhere!

Don’t get me wrong — a new knee is an amazing feat. I know people with one new knee and I know people with two new knees. Everybody is pretty darned happy with their new knees, no matter how many they have received! They are not quite like what was portrayed in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, but I’m told from those who have had the procedure that it is life changing stuff.

I recently suggested a homeopathic combination remedy for somebody who is waiting for their new knee. She has about 2-1/2 months to wait for her surgery and she is in some significant pain. She’s pretty skeptical of homeopathy and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure she was going to try the remedy. 

She agreed to try it. I suggested taking it twice a day. I also mentioned that sometimes some sort of relief can be felt pretty darned quickly. I guarantee she had zero expectations of receiving any sort of benefit. She took her first dose of the remedy and she headed home. Shortly thereafter, I texted her because I forgot to tell her how to get the remedies out of the self-dispensing tube*. 

Well, she responded that her stiffness had gone down substantially and that she was actually freaking out a little bit. I wasn’t surprised, but she was! (This was less than an hour after putting the remedy in her mouth.)

What did I give her? I gave her a combination of Hypericum, Rhus tox and Symphytum.

If you are on track for a new knee, I’m not suggesting this combination remedy will halt that process, but I am suggesting your discomfort may be lessened while you wait. And, who knows, if you start homeopathy early enough in the process, perhaps a new knee can be avoided, or, at the very least, postponed.

Homeopathy is indeed the bee’s knees, as far as I’m concerned!

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


* These tubes can be very frustrating. The first time I tried it, I actually ended up using something sharp to widen "the stupid little hole” while I was cursing the entire experience. I guess I was in too much pain to read the instructions on the tube. 

To save you the annoyance, here is the trick:

With the lid on the tube, turn the tube upside down and twist the lid. The pellets will fall into the lid. When the desired number of pellets have dropped, remove the lid and pour the pellets directly into your mouth from the lid. Voila!

Remember, the homeopathic medicine is applied on the outside of the pellet, therefore it is best not to handle them -- the remedy acts best when it is allowed to dissolve directly into the mucosal lining under the tongue. 

From Boiron: "Can I touch homeopathic pellets or tablets with my fingers or hands? We do not recommend touching the pellets and tablets with your fingers or hands. Introducing any moisture to the pellets or tablets will begin the dispensing of the medicine, and any oils on your skin may coat them and hinder absorption once the medicine is in your mouth."
<![CDATA[Patience, please]]>Sat, 21 Oct 2023 09:00:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/patience-please
​I recently heard someone say (or I read somewhere?) how we typically associate fall with death. But, in fact for trees anyway, autumn is the time when they don’t have to worry about putting out fruit or new leaves and can just concentrate on becoming strong. 

I like that. A time to hunker down and fix what needs fixing. Not by doing, but by resting. By just being. 

Historically, if someone were to say something needs fixing I would immediately think, “do something! Now!” I am starting to learn that isn’t always the case. Fixing can come in the form of understanding… or, accepting,… or, waiting patiently.

Waiting isn’t really my strong suit. I like to have quick results… generally as a result of quick action. (I did say I am starting to learn, I haven’t yet mastered this idea.)

Often, clients with chronic conditions want quick results from their homeopathic remedies. They have been suffering for years and want to see changes. I am happy to say that it’s not uncommon to be able to help guide people to some remedies that can at the very least help alleviate some of their symptoms quite quickly. However, more than once I have advised my clients to take their homeopathic remedy and then get back to living life and let the remedies work quietly in the background.

Like the trees in the autumn; we can no longer see the fruits of the trees labors. We have to just trust that the tree is working hard within and, in time, we will then see the benefits of the tree’s “downtime”… the fresh spring buds or the delicious fruit it provides. 

In homeopathy, we need to give it a figurative minute (or a week or a month or a few months) to do its thing and then re-assess. Are the headaches happening less frequently? Is the acid reflux less debilitating? Can you eat a little of that troublesome food now and again without spending the next day in the bathroom? Can you walk a little longer without the knee hurting? 

For those of us who are still learning this thing called patience, the aptly named Bach Flower Essence Impatiens can come in handy.

Who may benefit from Bach Impatiens?

If you find yourself being quite brusque with people: the cashier doesn’t get through your grocery pile fast enough; your little one thinks he knows how to put his shoes on better than you and it makes you crazy as many minutes keep ticking by.

Students who get frustrated with themselves for not grasping a subject quickly enough; those learning an instrument and find they are not ready for the stage as quickly as they thought they should be; people who toss and turn at night when they are trying to fall to sleep.

Kids who continuously find it hard to wait for things: “When is dinner?” “When are we gonna…” Kids who rush through their homework and make mistakes.

For people who find nothing is going right: “Nobody is meeting their deadlines and it’s making me angry. I’ll do it myself.”

Drivers with “get-there-itis.” 

Workaholics. People who can never take a vacation because they feel like they can’t allow themselves to do such a crazy thing as relax. “I’ll relax when I retire.”

For people who stutter or stammer, Impatiens can help you from getting impatient with yourself trying to speak as fast as you think you “should.”

“Should” is a good word here. I have a mug that says, “Don’t should on me.” The main person who shoulds on me is me… Putting pressure on myself to get things done faster. Bach Impatiens has helped me a lot in this area.

People who think their homeopathic remedy is not kicking in fast enough…

How to take the Bach Flowers? You can take a drop on the tongue directly from the bottle, or, even better, put 2-3 drops in a water bottle and sip on it throughout the day to help remind you to take a breath.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.”  — Unknown 

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
<![CDATA[Remnants from the Ring of Fire]]>Sun, 15 Oct 2023 03:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/remnants-from-the-ring-of-fire
Photo by Julia Coyte
The first time I saw an eclipse, I was in 4th grade. We had our pinhole cameras that we made at school, and we were warned of the dangers*, but I looked directly at the sun anyway. I’ve been paranoid for the 40+ years following that I did true damage to myself that day but fortunately the eye doctor has never found any problem. (Be sure to see an ophthalmologist if you have any concerns about your eye health.)

Well, there was another eclipse today. The news keeps telling us that these eclipses are a once in a lifetime thing, and maybe I have just been lucky and have been in the right place at the right time, but I have now seen 3 big solar eclipses.

This year we weren’t on the ball enough to get the special little glasses and we weren’t crafty enough to make the pinhole camera in time. But, what I saw this time that I didn’t see the other times were these crazy, crazy shadows. When I first noticed them I thought I was seeing things and then I thought I was having a dizzy spell.
My first glimpse of the shadows thinking something was wrong with my eyes. Photo by Julia Coyte
Turns out I wasn’t seeing things. The trees made a pinhole camera for us. (I didn’t look very hard for an explanation of this, but I did find this article from a Singapore newspaper from 2019.)

What do these trippy shadows have to do with homeopathy? Well, I’ve never looked into it until now, but there is one homeopathic remedy listed in most repertories for ailments from looking at an eclipse and that is Hepar sulph.

While Dr. Murphy lists 26 remedies which may be indicated for ailments following sun exposure to the eyes, his rubric for affects from looking at an eclipse lists just Hepar and Sol. 

What other eye complaints might Hepar help? Turns out there are quite a few possibilities, but these are the most likely indications, according to Robin Murphy:

  • Discharges of mucus or pus from the eye.
  • Eruptions or pimples around the eyes or on the eyelids.
  • Chronic inflammation of the eyes.
  • Pain in the eyes, aggravated by air.
  • Spasms of the eyelids.
  • Pain in the nose extending to the eyes.

Calvin Knerr’s repertory lists a few more well indicated eye symptoms for Hepar sulph:

  • Vertigo when closing the eyes. 
  • Headache which is worse moving the eyes.
  • Mucus in the corners of the eyes.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • The eyes feel bruised.
  • The eyes feel as if they are being drawn back into the head.
  • Itching eye lids.
  • Sensitivity to light.

I see some of those paper eclipse glasses on sale on the internet — maybe I’ll buy a couple to leave in the drawer for the next time an eclipse rolls through town. Then again, if I had them, I may never have noticed these cool shadows.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[Sodes and Codes]]>Sat, 07 Oct 2023 02:42:10 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/sodes-and-codes
Amazingly to me, some homeopaths won’t tell their clients what remedy they have given them.

“Wow!” is all I can say. I’m in the more information, the better camp.

Why would a homeopath not want their remedy to be known to the person taking it?

Some homeopaths think it’s just not relevant.

Some homeopaths don’t want their clients to get confused with such information, especially if they think the client will look it up and find unreliable information.

Some homeopaths think they know best and their expertise shouldn’t be questioned.

Some homeopaths don’t want their clients to be influenced with such information. (This is the only reason which holds any water for me — I can see how understanding the remedy and its actions might possibly interfere… but, not really — ultimately, the remedy works or it doesn’t… known or unknown. However, I do have a homeopath friend whose homeopath sends the remedies to my friend’s husband and he does whatever he does to cover up the names of the remedies so she has no idea what she is taking until the next time she meets with her homeopath. As a homeopath, I find this idea kind of fun and intriguing.)

The most common reason I have heard about though is that the homeopath thinks the client would freak out at hearing they were taking a remedy made from… fill in the blank: Arsenic, Mercury, Hemlock, or they would read that the pleasant sounding Belladonna is made from the deadly nightshade. All scary sounding things to be certain. (Read Anger and Fear for more information on the homeopathic benefits of otherwise dangerous substances.)

Other substances from which homeopathic remedies are made can sound pretty freaky, too. Take for instance, the group of remedies called nosodes.

Nosodes are powerful remedies made from microbe cultures, viruses and pathological secretions and excretions. Similar to the power found in poisonous substances, there is likewise great power in bacteria and diseased tissue. You won’t find these remedies on your local health food store shelves; they are generally only available through physicians and professional homeopaths.

When I first learned about nosodes, they kind of freaked me out. I actually thought to myself that I would be a homeopath who just worked with “regular” homeopathic remedies. Then I was suggested one to take by my homeopath and, boom!, any questions I had as to their safety and efficacy were vanquished.

One nosode I have written about before is Ambra grisea, made from the secretion from the intestine of the sperm whale… herehere, and here

Bowel nosodes are a sub-group of these remedies. Bowel nosodes are made from pure cultures of bacterial flora of the intestinal tract. Bowel nosodes were originally discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (of Bach Flower Essence fame) while working as a bacteriologist in a hospital in London in the early 1900s. As legend has it, he got to the point where when he saw a high level of certain bacteria in a patient’s stool, he was able to say what symptoms brought the patient to the hospital in the first place. (For a little introduction to the Bowel nosodes, see here.)

Remember, with all properly prepared homeopathic remedies, nothing of the original substance remains… unless you are taking very low potencies. (For more information on potency, see here.)

Sarcodes are another strange-sounding group of remedies out there in the world of homeopathy. Sarcodes are made from healthy tissues. One example of these would be endocrine glands (thyroid, pituitary. etc.) made from the gland of a healthy sheep or calf, for example, and prepared into a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic sarcodes have been used for a very long time as a means of rebuilding tissue and helping to repair damaged organs.

Again, sounds kind of yucky but this sort of thing has been used in conventional medicine for years, too -- Armour thyroid, for example is made from dessicated porcine thyroid gland. So, similar but different because, of course, the homeopathic version is diluted and succussed.

Like all homeopathic remedies, nosodes and sarcodes should be respected for their power and used judiciously, but fear should be set aside. A well indicated nosode or sarcode suggested by a professional homeopath can play a very important role in healing.

There will be no keeping of the secrets around here. If you have any questions about any of this, book a free 15 minute phone call and ask away.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath

<![CDATA[A Mouse in the House]]>Fri, 29 Sep 2023 11:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/a-mouse-in-the-housePicture
Cooler weather must be coming. We have a mouse in the house - or, more accurately, a few mouses. I don’t do well with rodents… a classic Calc carb trait, actually.

Calc carb is a grade 3 remedy listed in the rubric for Fear of Mice.

Once upon a time, there was a dead mouse in the back room where I worked. I was so freaked out by this that I had to go out the back door and walk all the way around the mall to get back in the building because I was mentally unable to step over the dead mouse to get back out the door I had just entered. That’s a pretty hefty fear of something that can do me no harm. (I know Hanta Virus is a thing, but… suffice it to say that this poor, little, dead creature was not going to harm me at that moment.)

I have taken Calc carb in the past and my fear of mice has been tempered considerably. I still don’t like them and I really don’t like the idea of them being in my house. The fact there was one in my bedroom (!) disturbs me. (I won’t even go into how freaked out I was when a squirrel was once in my bedroom!! My boys still think my impression of the maid from "Tom & Jerry" was pretty funny - me, standing up on my bed afraid to step back on the floor.) But, I am happy to say that paralyzing fear is gone.

I have made such great advances in this area that I was even about to rid the remains of one by myself the other day but my teenage son came to my rescue. It is safe to say that a few years ago there was not a chance of me ever even considering doing that job.

Even looking for an image to put on this blog… I had to go for an illustration because the photos of mice cause a visceral reaction. Perhaps I need to reconsider another dose of Calc carb!

So, the long and the short of this article is mouse rubrics, because fear of mice is not the only one the homeopathic literature addresses.

If your nervous system is suffering after being frightened by a mouse (the rubric is actually “frightened; sudden and severe, after being, by a mouse running up arm” (which is quite frankly too much for me to even think about!) try some Ignatia.

If it just feels like a mouse is running up your arm, then try Calc carb.

If you have a sensation as if a mouse is running up your back: Sulphur.

If you are hallucinating that you see a mouse running from under a chair… try some Cimicifuga. (Or, better yet, check and see if you really did see that and then try a dose of Cimicifuga if there is no evidence of said being!)

Dreaming of mice? Or, sleep disturbed due to your fear of mice? Calc carb.

If you hear noises in your ear that sound like a squeaking mouse: Rhus tox.

Even though I am coping better, I prefer to live in a house where not a creature was stirring, other than the 2-legged kind.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


<![CDATA[Cicadas]]>Sat, 23 Sep 2023 11:30:00 GMThttp://ruminatingonremedies.com/blog/cicadasAs summer winds down, the cicadas seem to be winding up. Boy, they have been noisy this year! When they take a break, the silence makes me realize that living with something like tinnitus must be very trying, indeed!

Tinnitus (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders 2018), the perception of outside noise when no actual external stimulus is causing the sound, affects 15-20% of people of all ages but it is especially common in older adults. Sometimes there is an underlying cause that can be addressed to fix the tinnitus, but usually, treatments to make the tinnitus less noticeable are used (things like hearing aids, sound generators). Common causes are hearing loss, ear infection or ear canal blockage, head or neck injuries and medications (Mayo Clinic 2018).

Like so many chronic conditions, we are told there is no cure. Half the people who experience tinnitus do not have measurable hearing loss. A small percentage of people suffering from tinnitus experience serious debility in their daily lives (Prutsman 2023).

Homeopathically speaking, there are some remedies that can help though it’s not usually a quick fix, so be prepared to be patient. 

There are a lot of rubrics and remedies associated with hearing noises in the ears — some of them quite specific as to the sound (for example, hearing bagpipes in the distance — Nat carb) or, specific circumstances or specific times of day when the noises occur.

A few remedies pop up more often than others: PetroleumLycopodium, and China officinalis, in particular. There is a theme amongst these remedies of sensitive hearing, hyperacusis, which is a common complaint of tinnitus sufferers (Hebert et al. 2013). It never ceases to amaze me how homeopathy figured this stuff out a hundred plus years before the research was done! 

Petroleum is associated with chronic eustachian catarrh, (mucus or gunk in laymen’s terms). Conversely, there may be a dryness or a disagreeable feeling of dryness in the ears. There may be itching deep inside the ear or, diminished hearing in general. There could be an over-sensitiveness of not only hearing, but also of touch and smell, too.

Impaired hearing with noises in the ears; impaired hearing in old people or, progressive hearing impairment.

The sounds which may be heard for which Petroleum may be of benefit: bells; humming; constant roaring or rushing water; cracking; whizzing or the sound of wind.

Lycopodium may help when there is a swelling of the ear with discharge. Perhaps, a sensation as if hot blood has rushed into the ears.

Impaired hearing with discharge from the ear. Sensitive to noises and sounds, particularly music.

The noises which may be helped with Lycopodium are: roaring, humming, whizzing and rushing.

China officinalis is for a great over-sensitiveness of the nervous system — all sights, smells, hearing and taste are too strong. The external ear may be sensitive to touch.

Impaired hearing with constant noises in the ears, possibly with a headache.

The noises which may be helped by China officinalis are humming; ringing, especially with an accompanying headache; roaring; ticking as of a distant watch; buzzing; noises as if hearing singing.

Back to the bagpipes of Natrum carbonicum… this remedy isn’t as prominent as the remedies listed above, but there are some interesting things associated with it.

There may be a stopped sensation with diminished hearing. Sensitive hearing, particularly to music - they can’t bear it or, the rumpling of paper.

Bubbling noises or as if a bubble is bursting; sounds seem to come from the left side when they really come from the right; and, the illusion of hearing singing. And, though they can’t stand hearing music, they have the delusion they are hearing music — that must be frustratingly awful!

A list of a few noise rubrics and some corresponding remedies:
  • If you hear noises in your ears when blowing your nose: Calc carb or Hepar sulph.
  • Buzzing is a big one with a lot of possibly indicated remedies, but some good places to start would be Argentum nitricum, China off, Lycopodium, or Nux-vomica.
  • If the noises occur only at night, try Dulcamera or Graphites.
  • Cracking sound: Kali carb or Petroleum.
  • In bed, or, lying down makes it worse: Sulphur
  • Hearing noises during a headache: China off.
  • Humming: China off, Lycopodium, Phosphorus or Sepia
  • Difficulty hearing with the noises: Causticum or Lycopodium
  • Rushing water: Chamomilla
  • Boiling water: Lycopodium
  • As of wind: Petroleum
  • If it is synchronous with the pulse, it’s an easy one to remember: Pulsatilla, or, Puls for short.

Book a focused consultation and see if we can take the focus off those noises for you.

Julia Coyte, CHom
Classically Practical homeopath


Reference list
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